Kevin Paisley Optometry clinics are proud to offer a wide range of frames, lenses and eyewear that is carefully curated by our team to give you the very best, high-quality eyewear that is sourced from leading manufacturers of both global brands and local favourites.

Our meticulous process and careful attention to detail means that you’ll always be able to find a pair you love and that suits your face perfectly - and you have the expertise of our eye care professionals to help you every step along the way!

Prescription Lenses

Getting the best eyewear for you starts long before you choose your glasses and frames. It starts with a comprehensive examination with one of our dedicated eye care professionals, who completes a thorough eye test and pairs this information with your work requirements, lifestyle, preferences and other factors that are all combined to give you an optimal lens prescription.

Customising Your Prescription Lenses

Once you have your prescription, your lenses can be further optimised by selecting coatings and other protective features, such as polarised lens coatings to reduce UV glare, anti-reflective coatings that are easy to clean, blue light lens coatings for screen use, or lightweight safety lenses to best match your profession. We’ll discuss all of these options with you at your appointment.

Buy The World’s Thinnest Prescription Lenses

With many prescriptions requiring thicker lenses, we are proud to offer the world’s thinnest plastic lenses for premium comfort, without compromising on vision. They are called the S-line lenses, and they solve a number of common problems of thick lenses, such as being heavy and slipping down the nose, and generally being more difficult to wear. Instead, we use innovative technology to prescribe perfectly scripted plastic lenses that reduce thickness and weight, without compromising on quality.

Prescription Contact Lenses

We also offer prescription contact lenses, which also require a thorough assessment that has some extra features compared to a regular lens prescription for glasses, ensuring your contact lenses will have the best fit for your eyes and provide you with optimum comfort throughout the day.

Browse Our Prescription Lenses & Features

We all like to know our options, so below is a guide to the common lens types, add-ons and benefits you can consider to make your new lenses personalised to your life and needs. Click on each button to learn more.

For any questions about our prescription lenses or glasses range, contact one of our Victoria or South Australia clinics by selecting your preferred location here.